Twisted Taboo Slut for Incest Rape Fantasies

By , November 6, 2013


Here’s a super hot rape phone sex fantasy that made me wet with anticipation as my kinky caller laid out the scenario he had in mind.  We worked in the family business, he was my brother and technically my boss as well.  I was the receptionist and didn’t make nearly enough money to support the lifestyle I liked to live, so I had been stealing from the cash drawer for almost a year.  I’d take large sums at the end of business every Friday, staying late until everyone left.

The particular Friday, I was dressed in a tight low cut sweater that showed off my gorgeous titties and a short fitted black leather skirt, knee high black leather high heel boots and black hose.  I was dressed for a night out prowling the bars and clubs for a hot cock, I’d always been a slut.  But tonight my brother caught me with my hand in the cookie jar, literally.  He forced me to go with him to his office as I pleaded with him to forget the whole thing, I’d give back the money, it was the first time.  But he had videos, lots of them and I was caught.  This is when he revealed his rape fantasy phone sex plans.  He was going to rape me right here and right now, and then I was to go home and dress even more whorish than I was now, and not just me but my teen daughter as well.  He was going to have an incest extravaganza.

As I protested, he just laughed and told me that if he didn’t want me to tell Dad, I’d go along with the plan.  Dad would have me arrested and sent to jail.  His rape phone sex plan meant that he’d pay back the money I owed before the year end financial report, but he’d own both my daughter and me.  Then he told me that not only was he going to use us both for his own perverted pleasures, but he would allow our clients to use me too.  I would become his company whore as well, me and my little girl.

This scenario has all kinds of taboo elements, rape, blackmail, incest, mommy daughter, sister brother, who knows what else he has in mind.  I can imagine this being an ongoing story with lots of installments … I sure hope so!

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Pedo Phone Sex: Nasty Underage Accomplice Play

By , October 25, 2013


Let’s do a pedo phone sex call that takes it to the extreme!  I’m up for a nasty accomplice fantasy where we kidnap a mother and her children.  How many children?  As many as you like, and as young as you like, she could even be pregnant, about to pop any day now.  Age play fantasies really turn me on, and the idea of forcing a mother to watch what we are doing to her children, even forcing her to do terribly taboo things to her own little boys and girls.  How about forcing the underage kids to do nasty things to their own mother?  A little mindfuck, telling them we’ll let them go if they do as we want, encouraging all kind of acts of depravity, and punishing them when they don’t comply.
The nastier our pedo phone sex fantasy the better I like it.  Let’s take the children, one at a time, let’s rape and sodomize their tiny bald pussies and tight virgin assholes.  Making them scream and cry makes my pussy drip with excitement, hearing their mother beg, please do what we want with her, save her children.  Wouldn’t you just love to shove your fist up that pregnant bitch’s cunt?  Finger fuck that unborn baby, or even shove your cock so deep inside you are fucking mother and child at the same time.
When we’ve raped and fucked all their holes, pussy, ass and mouths, it’s time to get really extreme and begin the torture.  We can use all kinds of implements, belts make beautiful welts and bruises, a curling iron is a wicked tool of torture, nipple clamps and needles, knife play, a blow torch.  We can even snuff the lot of them.  I’m hot just thinking about it!  Call me and let’s get extremely twisted today.
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Extreme Phone Sex: Uninhibited Erotic Fantasy Roleplay

By , March 25, 2013

Phone Sex With Nanci

Finding an extreme phone sex partner who is educated in the most twisted and perverted kinky fantasies isn’t always easy.  When you’re looking for somebody who is able to listen to your wants and needs and then create a fantasy that is so realistic that you can almost feel her touch, right through the phone line, your erotic encounter can be truly amazing.

Wouldn’t you love to connect with a woman who understands your need to indulge in something really perverted, something totally twisted and be able to do it in a completely uninhibited way?

I love men who have extremely deviant and twisted phone sex fantasies.  There are so many different subjects to talk about and every one of them gets my creative juices flowing and makes my mind wander to the places that most people wouldn’t even dare to travel. 

Imagine being able to explore your extreme age play fantasies, on every level, without ever having to worry about the consequences.  You can confess all of your dirty little secrets and we can roleplay your favorite fantasy or fetish in a completely discreet, one-on-one adult conversation. 

Do you have an extreme phone sex fetish?  Do you have a thing for tiny white cotton panties?  Do you love the thought of sucking on a teeny tiny cock?  Maybe your fantasy or fetish involves a forced encounter – like a rape phone sex fantasy or even humiliation. 

Anything goes when you call me to share your naughty secrets.  I can’t wait to hear them and even share some of my own with you. 

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Perverted Phone Sex: Nasty Stories for Mutual Masturbation

By , March 25, 2013

Phone Sex With Jessie

Jessie here and I am ready to be the perverted phone sex slut of your dreams! I have an extremely twisted and naughty mind with lots of different fantasies to explore. What can I expect from you? Is there anything thing that a cock sucking dirty girl like me can help you with? I am experienced and ready for what ever you throw my way.  Whether it just be a nasty fantasy conversation where we tell each other sexual stories while we both masturbate, or if you have a twisted phone sex role play you’d like to play out.  Either way, I’m ready when you are!
I can’t seem to get all these nasty perverted phone sex guys off my mind. Maybe it is because I am just horny and can’t keep my sex toys out of my dripping wet cunt. I don’t know. But I need some attention. I would even let you titty fuck me if that would get your cock closer to my mouth.
Roleplaying that includes mutual masturbation to extreme phone sex fantasies is my speciality.   I can work both sides of the fence and be your submissive ass licking whore, or I’m more than happy to rape your sweet ass and make you my bitch.

Pick up the phone and dial me so we can let the fun begin!  I’ll be waiting for you…

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Rape Phone Sex: Kidnapping your Wife

By , March 25, 2013

Phone Sex With Julie

You enjoy forced scenarios don’t you? Go ahead tell me all about the rape phone sex fantasy you dream about so often. It makes your cock twitch just thinking about a rape phone sex fantasy doesn’t it? Being able to get your most twisted thoughts out is such a relief and can bring you to an intense orgasm too!  Being able to force your wife to do things she would never dream of. You don’t want to hear the words “no” anymore do you?  You’ve simply have had enough of it… so let’s enjoy this extremely twisted perverted phone sex fantasy together and I promise to make it memorable for you.

Would you like to grab her off the dark street at night when she’s walking to her car after a late work at the office? Kidnapping is the perfect way to get what you really want from her… Forcing her into the trunk of a car, driving her to the middle of no where. You can use a knife or a gun to help her to comply with your wishes. Even some slaps across the face will make her obey you. Fear can be a beautiful thing wouldn’t you agree!?  Another question to ask yourself is if you want to do this alone, by yourself, with a mask on your face so she doesn’t know it’s you, or if you want an accomplice to grab your wife and bring her to you?  Oooo the possiblities!  You want to force your cock down her throat don’t you? You want to force your cock deep into her tight ass.  She has the most perfect ass but she thinks anal sex is gross and never lets you penetrate her. Oh how good that virgin ass is going to feel on your hard cock! 

This is just one scenario that we can enjoy during our extreme rape and very perverted and twisted phone sex role play together. There are so many more we can enjoy, so give me a call and expose all your dark secrets about the kinky and extrerme fantasies you’ve been masturbating to and I’ll make them feel like a reality with my dirty mind and wicked imagination!

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Pedo Phone Sex: Perverted Mommy Shares Daughter

By , March 25, 2013

Phone Sex With Marianne

Are you a perverted caller who is looking for a pedo phone sex role play? You’re in need someone who understands your twisted mind. A playmate who is open to all types of pedo phone sex fantasies. I am a mature taboo woman who is in fact open too all types of pedophile role plays. I am a frequent flyer when it comes to incest fantasies involving my young daughter too.
I enjoy a twisted phone sex fantasies with several of my callers who enjoy my preteen daughter joining us in the bedroom. There are several different role plays that we do but the bottom line is they all end with you fucking my virgin daughter…
My daughter catches us in the middle of having sex. She is very curious about what we are doing. You almost blow your load, as I stroke your cock up and down telling her that I am making you feel good. I tell her to come join mommy in the bed and that she can touch your penis. I show her how I like to kiss it and lick it. Taking as much as I can into my mouth, then I offer it to her to try. Her warm mouth works your cock, while my mouth works on her virgin pussy. When I think she is ready for you, I lay her back on the bed.  I gently spread her legs open and expose that pretty pink virgin pussy to you, there for the taking. Go ahead baby, fuck my little girl with your big cock.
We have come home from a hot date, we are making out on the couch talking dirty. The next thing we know we are talking really dirty, talking about you fucking my preteen daughter. I can tell you really want to have your way with her. So we go to her bedroom.  She is laying in bed her nightgown pushed up with her bare little bottom showing. I tell you to go ahead and fuck my daughter. I sit in the chair next to her bed rubbing my pussy, while you begin raping my daughter. She cries out when you force your cock into her virgin cunt. This just makes me rub faster fucking myself with my fingers. I tell you to shoot your load of hot cum into that pussy so I can eat it out.
If you enjoy extreme age play fantasies involving incest like described above, call me!  I’m a pedo phone sex lover just like you!  And I am more than willing to share my daughter with you too.  A mature woman understands your sexual needs, desires and lusts for young, underage phone sex and pedo pussy!  So give me a call so we can enjoy some perverted fun today!
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Accomplice Phone Sex: Wife Lures Teen for Husband

By , March 25, 2013

Phone Sex With Marsha

I cannot get enough of accomplice phone sex. There is something so erotic about it that gets my pussy soaking wet. I never knew just how fun a rape fantasy could be until about a month ago when a regular caller told me about a fantasy he was having repeatedly.  He continued to share with me what happened in his fantasy and we soon began to role play this steamy hot scenario!

I was not only his sexy accomplice but his wife as well.  And my job was to help take advantage of a hot teenager who is high school cheerleader that he’s been eyeballing for quite some time. So this little bitch is the main subject of our accomplice phone sex session. I watch for this particular girl to come out of the school and her get into her car right after school lets out.  As soon as I spot her, I quickly run over to her before she has the opportunity to drive away and convince her that my car is broken down and need a ride home.  All the while he (my husband) is parked with the van around the corner watching with excitement.

She is a little hesitant so I begin to beg her for a ride home and without fail she brings me right to the house. I would like to thank her for the ride and give her a few bucks for gas but my purse is inside.  I told her that is why I needed a ride because I left my purse on the counter which held my cell phone and I was unable to phone for help when my car broke down.  Everything a woman needs is in there, so she completely understood. With out any hesitation she came right in to the house for her gas money.

This is when the accomplice, rape phone sex call started getting my pussy wet.  My husband enters the house right after we went in and locks the door behind himself.  He immediately grabs her and pushes her toward the bedroom, onto the bed.  He asks me to help hold her down.  I pushed my skirt up and sat on her face, smothering her with my pink folds to muffle her cries for help.  She had no idea every time she opened her mouth and her hot air escaped it made my pussy quiver and drip with sexual pleasure.  My husband knew how this turned me on, holding this bitch down with my cunt made him more horny, hard and ready to pound and rape her virgin twat!  He grabbed her ankles shoving them up to his shoulders after he pulled her jeans and panties off exposing her pink slit.  I separated her lips so he could get a good look at the tight teen hole he was about to fill with his monster hard cock. I started rubbing on her clit with one hand and as her little hole started to moisten I pulled on my husband’s cock giving it a few stroked before I guided him to the opening of her pussy.  I told him to ram it in and bust that cherry! 

Mmmm this was one super hot, extreme phone sex call!  If you like these types of perverted phone sex calls and rape fantasy scenario’s then what are you waiting for?  Pick up that phone and let me, Marsha, take you down a road of twisted, taboo pleasures where nothing is too extreme or off limits.  If you are looking do a fantasy with a girl even younger than high school, more in the pedo realm of fantasy play all you have to do is let me know because I want to be the accomplice of your dreams!

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Twisted Phone Sex: Perverted Fantasy Conversations

By , March 25, 2013

Phone Sex With Jessie

Hi there it’s Jessie and I’m here with a twisted phone sex call to tell you about… This guy was more than just naughty he was something else. I loved the call though. When he was young his mom use to do kinky nasty things to him like make him suck her tits and play in her pussy. He is all grown up now and thinks about those younger years all the time. He said his cock stays so hard just thinking about what she made him do.  I was so shocked and I asked if he was married. The comment I got back was that he used to be.

Anyway to get this kinky phone sex story on it’s way, I will tell you what he had to say. He actually wanted me to be his sister-in-law and that was good for me. I might not be old enough for that but any role play is fun to do. I found out that he actually had the hots for her too. So he asked me if I would tell him how I used to dress when I would come over for a visit after I found out what had been going on. I was suppose to be the vindictive bitch and torture her ass for what she did.

Oh did I have fun with this fantasy phone sex call too.  This guy loved the way I dressed because his mom was short and had saggy tits, and whatever else goes with that when you get older. In his fantasy his sister-in-law had huge perky tits, drop dead gorgeous body and she always wore really short things like shorts that fit right up in the crack of her ass. His mom always hated to see me come over because she was jealous and I use to torment her with my drop dead gorgeous looks and fierce sexuality.

We continued our perverted phone sex conversation as he masturbated listening to all the things nasty things I did to his mom.  And boy did he cum good when we got to the climax of the fantasy!

If you have a kinky sexual story or extreme fantasy you’d like to share with a woman who is open minded and who loves twisted incest fantasies, then pick up the phone and give me a ring!

Jessie – 1-888-817-2621


Perverted Playmate for Deviant Fantasies

By , March 11, 2013

Phone Sex With Bobbie

Your not sure how you got here but you do know that you need a extreme phone sex specialist who can take care of the perverted thoughts you’re having. I know finding the right operator for your extreme phone sex fantasies can be hard to do sometimes. But with me, you will find that during our twisted role play, I am real and I may get completely sexually turned on by your no limits fantasy too. But beware because I can and will push your limits once my pussy starts to get wet!
Age play, rape fantasies, snuff, and bestiality are just a few of my favorites but they can all be taken to the extreme if you want.  I can be the victim of our perverted role play call or I can be your deviant accomplice who brings you the prize. I love both so you’ll have to tell me what’s making you super horny and we can take it from there. I am here to help make your sexual fantasies feel like reality no matter how twisted and perverted you may feel they are.  And my number one goal is to make you bust a nut and keep you wanting more!
If you have a extreme taboo phone sex fantasy that you would like to experience with anything goes playmate, pick up that phone and give me a call and let me rock your world and your cock!
Bobbie – 1-866-808-9496


Expose Your Kinky Sexual Secrets

By , March 11, 2013

Phone Sex With Nanci

What is the most perverted phone sex roleplay that you can think of?  I’ll bet it’s something that is so twisted and extreme that you might be nervous to tell me about it.  It might even be so taboo that you feel guilty even thinking about it.  Well let me share a little secret with you… you can tell me anything at all when you call my perverted taboo phone sex line.  Our call will always be completely discreet and because we are on a private line, our one-on-one conversations can be about anything at all.  There really are no limits!  That’s why lots of men turn to me to share their dirty little secrets.  They know that I won’t ever judge them and some of them are even surprised to find out that I am just as enthusiastic about their favorite fantasy or fetish as they are.

Sure, there are times when a guy calls me and he just wants to unwind after a long day at the office.  He might be looking for something vanilla and not too over the top to help him relax.  I’m always happy to help by giving him an erotic and sensual lip massage, using my soft and sexy voice to help him stroke his way to a blissful and powerful orgasm.
When a caller is looking for something more taboo, a truly kinky and perverted phone sex experience, that’s when I get really hardcore and think of all of the nasty ways that I can bring out those wicked thoughts and my creative juices really get flowing.

Do your perverted and extreme fetish phone sex fantasies include interracial play?  I’d love to tell you about all of the things that I can do with a big black cock.  I’ll even let you watch, or participate, if that get’s you going.  Do you wonder what it would be like to become a bukakke boy?  Maybe you’d need to be forced into it.  I can be a very dominating bitch when I want to be.  Do you get off on being bound and rendered helpless?  I’d love to get you into a “tight” predicament and then have my way with you.  You never know what might happen!

Does this sound intriguing?  Have I piqued your interest?

Give me a call and let me make your wildest fantasies come true!

Nanci – 1-877-387-5545


Mommy Rapes your Virgin Ass with a Strap on

By , March 11, 2013

Phone Sex With Vera

How would you feel if your loving mommy suddenly turned on you and you found yourself woken up in the middle of the night in the middle of a forced rape phone sex fantasy? Mmmm, sounds like a hot incest phone sex fantasy call doesn’t it?  Has this scenario ever crossed your mind making your cock stiff?  If not, read on because it may just do that!

You were shocked as you woke up to find your teenage hands and feet bound to the bed, a ball gag in your mouth to prevent you from waking your daddy and your mother stroking and sucking your cock.  You could feel yourself becoming aroused and your hard cock only added to the humiliation that you felt at being tied down and unable to control what was about to happen to you.

You had to admit, having mommy in total control of your cock wasn’t all that bad, but then your phone sex rape took a more sinister turn…

When your cock was throbbing and you found yourself pumping your hips up against her mouth, she knew she had you right where she wanted you.  She reached under the bed and pulled out a vibrating strap on which was long, thick and black.  As she strapped it on and smiled at you, you began to cry.  Of course, the ball gag made your cries sound like moans and this excited her even more. 

As she mounted you and began to push that big cock up against your virgin ass you looked up into her eyes, pleading with her to stop but your raging hard cock was telling her that you wanted this just as much as she did.

I’ll bet you never thought that a mommy phone sex fantasy or  incest encounter could be so intense, did you?  A phone sex rape fantasy can be very invigorating when you are at the mercy of a mature and experienced woman. 

Vera – 1-866-587-7574


Perverted Pedophile and Kidnapping Fantasies

By , March 11, 2013

Phone Sex With Bobbie

I’m Bobbie, your accomplice phone sex specialist. It’s my personal goal to make your deviant and perverted fantasies the best that they can be. I will take the time to listen to what you’re needing out of our taboo phone sex conversation. I will enjoy being the twisted accomplice phone sex playmate that you want in our pedo call.

I have taken the time to find just  the right girl for you, since I know how much of a pedophile pervert you are!  I know how you like them young, slim hips, slender legs, bald pussy, flat chested. Seeing her makes you crazy with need. I know you need her, so I kidnapped her this afternoon bringing her to our special place, miles away from everyone.

I have her undressed her and tied her up spread eagle on the bed when you arrive. As I watch as you undress your cock stiffens. Tears are streaming down her face, and you can hear her whimpering as she watches you take off your clothes. My pussy is wet at the thought of your dick choking her.
You stroke your dick while watching me spread her pink pussy open, spitting on it I rub up and down her slit. I want to slam my fingers into her virgin cunt but I don’t want to ruin it for you. I am going to love the sound of her screams when you force your cock, balls deep in her baby girl pussy.

Kneeling by her face you grab her hair pulling her towards your dick. You tell her “suck it little girl”, but she refuses to open her mouth.  That’s when I slap her hard. When she opens her mouth to cry out you slam your cock down her throat. Grabbing her hair, I hold it tight using it to force her up and down on your cock, ungrateful little bitch. How dare she not worship your cock, I tell her I should end her pathetic little life right now.

Your cock is covered with her spit and tears it’s the perfect time for to rape her pussy. Force your cock deep into her sweet virgin cunt. I undo her legs so I can bend them towards her shoulders exposing her pussy and ass at the same time. I love the feel of your cock in my hand as I run it up and down her slit. Letting it rest in the opening, you grab her feet and thrust forward. I almost cum when she screams, my hand goes between my legs and I am rubbing my pussy. Fuck her baby, fuck that little bitch good and hard. Rape that baby girl pussy fuck yea I am going to cum with you baby.

I can’t wait to cum with you in an extreme phone sex role play call like this one. Just remember, we can end this pedo accomplice fantasy anyway you’d like.  Just as long as you cum hard and want to come back for more.   I look forward to playing sick games with you soon!

Bobbie – 1-866-808-9496