Secrets of a Young Pregnant Hooker

By , April 11, 2012

Extreme phone sex fantasies are always awesome. Let your imagination go into those secret, dark places and share them with me. I’m an anything goes, no limits kind of girl and we can do anything you want in our fantasy or role play.

On one hot role play phone sex call I did, Daddy brought home a pregnant hooker from an area nobody would miss her from. We kept her locked up until the baby was born and then Daddy got rid of her. Nobody knows her baby exists so we’re raising her totally off the grid so we can use her as our fuck toy and do anything we want with her. We used her as an underage incest porn star in our fantasy and sold the videos overseas. We also sell her to exclusive clients to use any way they want and we’re making tons of money off our secret little girl. When she’s old enough, Daddy will get her pregnant so we’ll always have a new young girl to use and get rid of the older girls just like we got rid of that pregnant hooker. That was totally wild, twisted and fucking fun to role play!

In another extreme phone sex fantasy call I did, I was an older teen when brother raped me in our underage rape call. He broke in when I was home alone and forced me to suck his cock. He was already hard thinking about what he was going to do to me. He rammed his big dick down my throat and I could barely breathe. Then he ripped off my clothes, threw me down and raped my tight, teen pussy. I’m home alone and ready for more anytime!

Call me up and share all your taboo and twisted phone sex fantasies with me and let’s have some family fun now!

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