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Age Play Fantasy: Daddy Blackmailed by Underage Daughter

Why do I love age play fantasy phone sex? Because phone sex is all about exploring your fantasies and in our fantasies, we can be whomever and whatever we want to be. It’s about things we might not be able to do in “reality”. It’s all about the freedom to explore our mutual sexual desires …

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Rape Phone Sex Fantasy with Twisted Taboo Incest Slut

Rape Phone Sex Role Play with Rhonda

Here’s a super hot rape phone sex fantasy that made me wet with anticipation as my kinky caller laid out the scenario he had in mind.  We worked in the family business, he was my brother and technically my boss as well.  I was the receptionist and didn’t make nearly enough money to support the …

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Blackmail Fantasy for Closet Queers

I am looking for an extreme phone sex partner who can bring out my truly deviant side with a blackmail fantasy. Every now and then I get an urge for something really perverted and so totally kinky and nasty that only a man with an equally twisted phone sex mind could appreciate. There are lots of different …

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