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Extreme Babysitter Fantasy with Potty Play

I’m always up for a babysitter phone sex roleplay, no matter how dirty or extreme you want to get. Just last night I played a tease and denial game with a caller who likes potty play. I was his babysitter and I wanted to show him who was boss. I loved forcing him into his bedroom and making …

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Teen Accomplice for Forced Sex Fantasies

I’m Rachel and I love playing the role of a very naughty, teen accomplice phone sex girl for my callers.  A really hot, but nasty teen accomplice role play phone sex fantasy that really gets me hot and my pussy purring goes like this… I am a young homeless girl with no family who works at a …

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Accomplice Fantasy with Deviant Little Slut

I’m Dylan, a deviant little slut and I’d love to be your accomplice fantasy phone sex partner in a hot, perverted role play!  I’ll find a sexy little underage play thing for our deviant accomplice fantasy that suits you just right!  Maybe she’s at the park, the mall, walking down the street alone or on the playground …

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Forced Rape Phone Sex: Kidnapping Your Wife

Forced Rape Fantasies at their Finest – You enjoy forced rape phone sex scenarios don’t you? Go ahead tell me all about the forced rape phone sex fantasy you dream about so often. It makes your cock twitch just thinking about a forced rape phone sex fantasy doesn’t it? Being able to get your most twisted thoughts …

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Wicked Torture for Twisted Deviant Accomplice Fun

Are you a dirty deviant looking for a wicked torture fantasy phone sex role play? Then keep reading, because you cannot get more extreme than this for a fantasy phone sex scenario. I’m Erica, your extreme phone sex accomplice and she’s young.  She’s real young.  And I’ve lured her into our car with the promise of finding …

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Extremely Brutal Rape Fantasy

extremely brutal rape fantasy

I wanted to share with you an extremely brutal rape fantasy story one of my callers shared with me during very twisted fantasy phone sex call with him just the other day. He gets off on the most extreme fantasies and he knows that I love it just as much as he does. Especially when I get to …

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Rape Phone Sex Fantasy with Twisted Taboo Incest Slut

Rape Phone Sex Role Play with Rhonda

Here’s a super hot rape phone sex fantasy that made me wet with anticipation as my kinky caller laid out the scenario he had in mind.  We worked in the family business, he was my brother and technically my boss as well.  I was the receptionist and didn’t make nearly enough money to support the …

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Pedo Phone Sex Fantasy: Nasty Underage Accomplice Play

pedo phone sex role play expert

Let’s do pedo phone sex fantasy call that involves nasty underage accomplice play and take it to the extreme!  I’m up for a nasty accomplice fantasy where we kidnap a mother and her children.  How many children?  As many as you like, and as young as you like, she could even be pregnant, about to pop any day …

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Rape Role Play: Incest Mommy for Forced Strap On Play

Rape role play fantasies turn me on…  How would you feel if your loving mommy suddenly turned on you and you found yourself woken up in the middle of the night in the middle of a forced rape phone sex fantasy? Mmmm, sounds like a hot incest phone sex fantasy call doesn’t it?  Has this scenario …

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Perverted Accomplice for Pedophile Kidnapping Fantasies

Perverted Accomplice Fantasy Specialist – I’m Peggy, your perverted accomplice phone sex specialist. It’s my personal goal to make your deviant and perverted fantasies the best that they can be. I will take the time to listen to what you’re needing out of our taboo phone sex conversation. I will enjoy being the twisted accomplice phone sex playmate …

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