Babysitter Fantasy: Rape Role Play Phone Sex

Babysitter Fantasy Phone Sex with Erica

What kind of extreme fantasies do you have? Perhaps you want to indulge in some rape phone sex and take what you want? If you have a babysitter fantasy then how about this type of role play phone sex session with me:

I have been coming over for the past two years babysitting your children. You have watched, eagerly, as I have gone through puberty, filling out and getting my curves. I have been the center of your fantasies for such a long time. You have done your best to flirt with me and come on to me, but I mostly just laugh it off and walk away. You look forward to driving me home after I am done babysitting. Most times I just ignore you, I consider you old and I have no interest you other than money. So the last time you dropped me off you offered to pay me to go down on you, and I laughed and shot you down, and told you that you are just too old for me.

This week it is going to be different, this week when you bring me home from babysitting, there will be no laughing. You aren’t going to offer me any money, or give me any options. Tonight you are going to use my young teenage body every way you have imagined these past two years. With rape phone sex you can rip open this fresh young perfect hole just like you have always wanted.

I am too kinky not to get turned on by anything extreme, I assure you that I get just as wet as you get hard thinking about everything that’s dark and twisted. Call me for your own personalized babysitter fantasy, rape fantasy or any other type of extreme phone sex fantasy today!

Erica – 1-877-851-0229

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